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Why work with us for your Disney World vacation?

Disney expert Disney vacation planning

Planning a great Disney World vacation can be overwhelming, time consuming and stressful. Our Disney experts work hard to create completely customized vacation plans for you. Why work with us? Because you:


  • Avoid internet information overload
  • Get suggestions tailored to your preferences, not blogger or acquaintance opinions
  • No worries about tracking deadlines – everything happens for you!
  • Get 3 rides per day reserved in advance, with strategic reasoning behind each choice.
  • Discuss dining options with an expert to help you make great choices
  • Avoid getting up super early for the mad dash to reserve dining
  • Feel relieved when you know that each detail is in place once you touch down at the airport
  • Enjoy the freedom of letting go of daily research needed to manage changing details
  • Experience the freedom of moving from attraction to attraction without long waits
  • Feel confident that you will accomplish what’s important to your family, with clearly outlined daily plans created just for you
  • Get more value out of each day of stay when you spend more time doing, less time waiting
  • Feel relaxed and at ease with your personal vacation planner, as a one stop source for advice and answers


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The trip was amazing! We had such a great time, and we literally mentioned everyday how thankful we were to have had all your help and planning. It gave us a tremendous advantage.
Everything each day worked out exactly as the schedule outlined. It was sort of unbelievable. There wasn’t a single time when things took longer than anticipated and we missed something, nor was there a time when we finished early and didn’t know what to do.
It was really helpful to have the guidance on how early to get to the parks and where to stand. Just that extra tip gave us a huge advantage everyday as we saw the waits go from 10 minutes when we’d arrive to 60 just moments later.
There was not a time the entire trip when we waited more than, say, 20 minutes for a ride and it was clear everyone else at the parks was regularly waiting 60-90 minutes for things.
The flow of each day was perfect – a bunch of rides in the morning, downtime in the afternoon, then back in the evening.
You chose our Fast Passes for exactly the right things. It felt amazing to just breeze through the most popular rides at peak times.
There was nothing that we wanted to do that wasn’t on the agenda – we felt like we hit it all.
The dining reservations were clutch and we really enjoyed the food at all the places we booked.
Thanks again for everything!

-David Cuddy, WA

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    Why You Need a Disney Expert May 22, 2018