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Bringing more magic and more memories to every family vacation!

The Enchanted Traveler, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, helps parents plan stress free Disney vacations that allow them to focus on creating memories that last a lifetime. Parents know how many variables go into having a great vacation, and having a plan when kids are involved is the path to success. Imagine enjoying a trip where you are having just as much fun as your kids are!

Planning ahead doesn’t need to be tedious, filled with long hours of research. That’s what you have us for! We're your friendly travel experts focused on helping parents create magical vacations. We're your experts on Disney vacations and family friendly resorts!
We research every angle of your trip – the least annoying flight schedule, the best hotel for you, how to get from point A to point B and every other point on your trip. We recommend dining, make advanced reservations, we pre-book activities so you don’t miss out when you get there. And in the case of Disney Parks, we even provide customized daily theme park touring itineraries to help you avoid the lines and enjoy the parks to the fullest. (And let’s be honest – the last thing any parent wants to do is stand in 40 minute lines all day long with children in tow. THAT is not a fun vacation!) This is YOUR hard earned vacation – let’s get the most of out of it!

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