Hawaii For the Adventurous – It’s not just beaches! Why Hawaii? So you wanna get away.  You need some sun in your life and now.  Someone suggests Hawaii and you roll your eyes.  Sure, everyone knows Hawaii has great beaches, palm trees, relaxation and sunshine.  But to you that’s just so….normal.  Dull even.  You’re not […]


Hawaii For the Adventurous – It’s not just beaches!

Hawaii waterfall

December 4, 2012

Photo credit: Tanya Saul 1. How do you get paid? The suppliers (aka hotels, cruise lines, car rental companies, etc) pay travel agents commission for bringing them business. This commission is not an extra amount that the clients pays – it’s built into the price, so every single person no matter where they book, will […]


10 FAQs About Travel Agents

November 27, 2012

Is My 3 Year Old Too Young for Disney World? I get asked this question a lot.  Many parents of preschoolers wonder if the trip will be worth it with their little ones or if they should wait until they are older.  My opinion?  Take them now – with the right planning, it will be […]


Is My 3 Year Old Too Young for Disney World?

October 26, 2012

Ship Review: The Norwegian Pearl This weekend, I had a chance to visit the Norwegian Pearl while it was in Port in Seattle.  What a great experience!  I’m so glad that I get to see ships in person so that I can better match them to your needs.  On this tour, I was able to […]


Ship Inspection: Norwegian Pearl

July 17, 2012

I’ve spent a lot of time recently increasing my knowledge of Alaskan cruises.  The photos are simply breathtaking time and time again.  One of the great things about an Alaskan cruise for those who live in the Seattle area is that you can leave directly from the Seattle or Vancouver ports.  Easy peasy! One of […]


Alaska: Beyond a Cruise

June 16, 2012