Hawaii For the Adventurous – It’s not just beaches!

Hawaii For the Adventurous – It’s not just beaches!

Hawaii For the Adventurous – It’s not just beaches!

Hawaii waterfall

Hawaii waterfall

Why Hawaii?

So you wanna get away.  You need some sun in your life and now.  Someone suggests Hawaii and you roll your eyes.  Sure, everyone knows Hawaii has great beaches, palm trees, relaxation and sunshine.  But to you that’s just so….normal.  Dull even.  You’re not a sit on the beach kind of person, you’re a let’s go DO something person.  But hold up – don’t pass on Hawaii just yet.

Many people think of Hawaii as just a collection of beaches, all the same, no matter which island you go to.  That’s just not true at all.  In reality, the islands are full of interesting adventures and cultural experiences.  If what you are looking for are exploration and adventure, there are some perfect Hawaiian spots for you.

Exploring The Big Island

One of the best islands for exploring is the Big Island of Hawaii.  Today we’ll focus on this location.  The Big Island contains more natural environments than almost any other place its size on the planet – lush rainforests, rocky lava plains, beaches with white, black or green sand, tide pools wiggling with life, shallow coral fields, deep-sea fishing grounds, rolling grasslands, snow-capped mountains, a fiery erupting volcano.  Clearly, this is an excellent choice for nature lovers, and so much more than a beach.

What To Do 

There are over 150 miles of hiking trails, the best of which are Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  You can trek alone with a guidebook in hand, or take a guided hike with an expert.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park entrance

The sites are not to be missed.  The volcanoes in Hawaii are active here, and the views can be spectacular.

Halemaunau Crater Volcanoes Hawaii

Halemaumau Crater Volcanoes Hawaii

You can also hike plenty of beautiful, lush landscape, trekking to waterfalls and streams and more.

Hiking Hawaii

Stars, Stars, and More Stars

Perhaps you are a fan of astronomy.  It’s no secret that you can see the stars far more brightly, and in greater number, out on the islands.  But for those who truly enjoy stargazing, the observatory atop Maunakea is waiting for you.  On top of the tallest sea mountain in the world, 13 telescopes representing 11 countries are watching the skies.  Guided tours offer transportation, parks, dinner, access to the mountain summit, detailed narratives about the history and cultural significance of Maunakea as well as night viewing.

Maunakea Observatory Hawaii stargazing


Like horses?  How about a horse ride with the Hawaiian cowboys?

Hawaii horseback riding


And there’s still more.  Take a boat out to view the amazing site of lava flowing into the sea, visit a local market to sample the best of the tropical produce, or explore the petroglyphs in Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve.

Lava flowing into sea in Hawaii

Hawaii fruit

Hawaii petroglyphs

And then, visit a beach.  Oh, I know I said this wasn’t about beaches, but these aren’t your usual beach stops.  No, these are something far more interesting.  Stop by the unusual black sand beaches and beaches made of lava flows.  It’s unlike any beach you’ve ever seen

Hawaii black sand beach

Hawaii beach lava flow


You see, Hawaii is so much more than just beaches and palm trees.  If resort beaches aren’t your style, there is a whole different Hawaiian world waiting to be explored.  We can work together to plan you something as adventurous as you’d like.


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