Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

Disney Christmas present

Christmas shopping season is upon us.  Are the toy store ads beckoning you to buy THE hottest toys for your kids this year?  If you’re like many parents, you start to wonder how many toys your child really needs.  Toys are a lot of fun, but have you ever bought toys for your kids only to find them unplayed with after the first week of use?  I know I have.  What if you could give something more exciting than toys, with more meaning, with a far longer lasting impression on your children?  The gift of a Disney vacation is special for the entire family.


Why gift a Disney vacation for Christmas?

Vacations are special for many families.  The memories built through the experience last a lifetime.  Some of the strongest memories that many of us have of our childhood are from family vacations.  But vacations can be expensive!  One way to offset that in the budget for the year is to use the Christmas shopping budget toward a vacation.

How do I gift a Disney vacation for Christmas?

First, I recommend contacting a Disney vacation planning specialist to make sure you are getting the best Disney experience possible.  Your Disney expert can help you arrange all of the details so that all you have to think about is how to present this awesome gift.

Then, you can get creative with the presentation!  Here are just a few ideas:

1. Floating Surprise

Get some helium-filled Disney balloons.  Print out a certificate that says it’s for a trip to Disney World/Disneyland/Disney Cruise, etc.  If you want to get creative, you can even make this look like a ticket!  Attach the certificate to the strings of the balloons.  Put the balloons in a large cardboard box, and wrap the box.  When your kids open it, the balloons will float out of the box with the gift message attached!

2. Solve the Word Puzzle 

For each person in the family, write one word on the inside of the lid of a gift box.  The words when put together will spell out something like, “We’re Going To Disney World.”  As each person opens their gift, they will see their word.  The family will have to put them in order to see the message!

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt  

First, create your clue cards.  Each card will have a word on it that will spell out your final message.  This could be something like, “This spring, we’re going on a Disney Cruise!”  It can be as long or as short as you want the scavenger hunt to be.  Now you will hide each word card, and devise a list of clues that tells your children where to find them.  Place the first clue in a box and wrap it.   This clue will tell them where to look for the first word card.  Hide the next clue with that word card, and so on.  When they have found all of the word cards, they will solve the puzzle and learn the surprise!


Ready to plan this amazing surprise Disney vacation for your family for Christmas?   Let’s get started!


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