What is the Best Age for Disney World?

What is the Best Age for Disney World?

What is the Best Age for Disney World?

Best Age for Disney World


You know that you want to take your kids to Disney World, you just don’t know when. Now? In 2 years? 5 years? Is there an ideal age for a first Disney World vacation?

There’s no one right answer for families. But we can take a look at what each age and stage brings to find your best fit!


Taking Preschoolers to Disney World

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like the way a little one’s eyes light up at the sites of Disney World. This is the age and stage in which they fully believe in the magic. In their mind, that is absolutely the real Mickey Mouse they are hugging and Cinderella has in fact joined them for dinner. It’s magic at it’s finest! Yes, kids this age may be too short for a handful of rides, but most of my clients are surprised at just how few those are. The vast majority of Disney rides are for all ages. With this age, staying at conveniently located resorts, such as on the monorail, is especially valuable for easy access to naps and breaks. Worried that a break means getting less done? A great plan lets you get far more done that you would otherwise AND let’s everyone rest during the heat of the day and peak crowds! Refreshed little ones usually can then make it to the fireworks and night time shows without being overtired.


Taking Elementary Kids to Disney World

This age is primed for Disney World fun. Typically, they’re tall enough for all the rides (though not all kids are up for thrills regardless of height) and usually they still have an affinity for meeting the characters. Sure, they may have caught on that it’s just actors playing them, but they’ll play along and enjoy the meets just the same. They usually have strong favorites that can be incorporated into the plans. Kids this age get a kick out of the themed meals and can really appreciate them. When traveling with kids in this age range, consider a resort with a truly fantastic pool area – many love to play in the water almost as much as being in the parks! Giving some time to cool off in the pools keeps everyone happy.


Taking Tweens to Disney World

Tweens are in an interesting space – not quite little kids, not quite teens. One excellent perk about traveling with kids this age is that they tend to be more open to trying a wide variety of attractions, and generally tire out less easily. This means longer days are possible, if you prefer that. The two Disney water parks are often a huge hit for tweens, so be sure to build in a couple days for those, if you can. Tweens can also fall into the category of needing to feel “cool” and may say they don’t want to meet characters or do character meals. But that simply opens up the door to some other really cool themed dining experiences.


Taking Teens to Disney World

Are you wondering if your teens are too old to enjoy Disney World? That’s a definite no! There’s a ton of rides for your teens to enjoy and their age means they’re allowed to ride without adults. It’s up to you if you feel ok with allowing them to venture off, but if you have more than one teen, this might mean you can take some time to enjoy adult time seeing the sites, riding other rides, taking in a show, or even having a couple’s dining experience. Teens love having some independence in the park and can even get around between resort and parks on the free Disney transportation. Teens are also at an excellent age to really appreciate some of the fantastic behind the scenes type of tours offered in the parks. Or, take an Ultimate Thrills tour that’s sure to impress them! If you think your family would benefit from separate sleeping areas once your kids are teenagers, there’s a variety of resort options that allow for separate bedrooms.


Bottom line? There’s no one best age for Disney World. Each age has its own magic and it’s own advantages. We’ve planned trips for clients with babies to trips for teen graduations and even adult kids – they’re all magical in their own way! The key is to put together a trip that matches the preferences of each family member, right at the stage they’re at.



The Enchanted Traveler specializes in planning customized, stress free Disney vacations.  For a free consultation, contact us today!







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How Many Days Do I Need for Disney World?

How Many Days Do I Need for Disney World?

How Many Days Do I Need for Disney World?

Epcot at night

First trip to Disney World?  You might be feeling unsure about how long your trip should be.  It can be hard to get a good feel for how much is actually there and how long it takes to do it.  Let’s take a look at how much time you’ll ideally have for this vacation.

Disney World is huge!

Let’s just start there.  If you’ve been to Disneyland before and think you have a good sense of Disney World is like, you’re probably wrong.  There are four main theme parks in Walt Disney World, as well as two fully themed water parks, over 25 onsite resort options, well over 100 restaurants, a full transportation system, a giant shopping and entertainment district and more.  It stands to reason that a Disney World trip most often necessitates a longer stay than Disneyland.

Prepare For 4 Park Days

With the four main theme parks, you will want at least four park days.  And the Magic Kingdom, in particular, is difficult to complete in a day because it has more attractions than the other parks.  I love to help my clients plan two days at this park to allow them a comfortable pace and a chance to experience more of what is offered.

Considering Your Preferences

From there, we need to consider your own preferences and favorites.  For example, some families really love to explore more of Epcot and dine in more of the restaurants there, making 2 Epcot days a lot of fun.  Others are very into the many shows offered at Hollywood Studios and find that two days there allows more room for those, plus a chance to see both nighttime shows there that are otherwise very difficult to see on the same night.

If you’re following along, right now we’ve added up to 6 park days assuming you’d like that extra day to repeat one of these other parks.

Do You Want A Relaxation Day?

The next question will be whether you’d like a day or two off for relaxation.  For my west coast clients, the time change can take its toll, especially on children.  Having a day to adjust can make the rest of the trip a lot easier.  Other families really enjoy a day or two off between park days.  These days might just be pool and resort days, or they might be used for the water parks, visiting Disney Springs or any of the other fun activities that can be planned.  Having this slower paced, laid back day here and there allows for a more relaxed vacation feel.

A Week At Walt Disney World

Best bet?  Plan for at least one full week at Walt Disney World!  If you’ve got more time available, adding in a couple more days makes everything feel even better.  There’s never a worry that you’ll get bored!  There is so much offered that you could easily spend two weeks here and not run out of things to do.

When you work with us, this is just the tip of the iceberg in our planning.  Not only will we help you figure out the perfect amount of time for YOUR family, but we’ll make sure you’ve got the perfect match for resort, tickets, and dining, activities, customized plans to keep you out of the long lines, personalized advice, and we’ll take care of every reservation detail so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Ready to plan?  Contact us today for your free consultation!

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Don’t Be a Last Minute Summer Vacationer!

Don’t Be a Last Minute Summer Vacationer!

Don’t Be a Last Minute Summer Vacationer!

Disney summer vacation

Ok, look.  I know how this goes.  It’s the last third of the school year, things seem like they’re moving like molasses.  Kids have homework, the weather’s not that great yet, you’ve got what seems like 20 different sports and activities to get to, and summer seems like a far away dream.

But then here’s what happens.  You slug through all that homework, and all those practices, and then starts all the end of year hoopla – recitals, championships, classroom parties, field days, graduations.  And then, one day, well would you look at that?  Summer’s here!

BUT WAIT.  Didn’t you mean to plan a vacation this summer?  Weren’t you saying this past month how much you want to get around to that family vacation once the kids are out of school?

And Disney is calling your name.  Of course.  How could it not be?  It’s Disney for crying out loud, and you’ve got kids.  Match made in heaven.

Oh, right, but you’ve heard it’s crowded in summer.  Then maybe you get a little disappointed.  Like, really…when else are you supposed to go if your kids can’t miss school?  Right?!  So how unfair that you have to choose between big crowded days or not going at all.

That is…if you ever get around to thinking about it at all before it’s too late.

Guess what, I’ve got great news for you!  First of all, we can get you around those crowds.  It’s absolutely possible to avoid the hugely long lines and hottest parts of the day, making your trip exponentially better than the rest of the masses.  That’s what we do here.  So check that worry off your list right now.

And as for finding time for planning?  Check that off your list, too.  You won’t believe how easy it is and how little time and effort you need to put in for an amazingly well planned trip.  It takes maybe 30 seconds to email us to get started, and then a simple phone call for us to discover exactly what we need to start planning a highly customized trip for you.  Yeah, how’s that for stress free?

Whatever you do, don’t put this off to the last minute!  You don’t want your options to dwindle until all the best choices have been taken from you, simply because you were too busy and stressed out to finally get that vacation planned.

Your family deserves an awesome vacation this summer – and so do you.  Let’s make it happen!

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    Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

    Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

    Giving a Disney Vacation for Christmas: The how and why to the best gift ever!

    Disney Christmas present

    Christmas shopping season is upon us.  Are the toy store ads beckoning you to buy THE hottest toys for your kids this year?  If you’re like many parents, you start to wonder how many toys your child really needs.  Toys are a lot of fun, but have you ever bought toys for your kids only to find them unplayed with after the first week of use?  I know I have.  What if you could give something more exciting than toys, with more meaning, with a far longer lasting impression on your children?  The gift of a Disney vacation is special for the entire family.


    Why gift a Disney vacation for Christmas?

    Vacations are special for many families.  The memories built through the experience last a lifetime.  Some of the strongest memories that many of us have of our childhood are from family vacations.  But vacations can be expensive!  One way to offset that in the budget for the year is to use the Christmas shopping budget toward a vacation.

    How do I gift a Disney vacation for Christmas?

    First, I recommend contacting a Disney vacation planning specialist to make sure you are getting the best Disney experience possible.  Your Disney expert can help you arrange all of the details so that all you have to think about is how to present this awesome gift.

    Then, you can get creative with the presentation!  Here are just a few ideas:

    1. Floating Surprise

    Get some helium-filled Disney balloons.  Print out a certificate that says it’s for a trip to Disney World/Disneyland/Disney Cruise, etc.  If you want to get creative, you can even make this look like a ticket!  Attach the certificate to the strings of the balloons.  Put the balloons in a large cardboard box, and wrap the box.  When your kids open it, the balloons will float out of the box with the gift message attached!

    2. Solve the Word Puzzle 

    For each person in the family, write one word on the inside of the lid of a gift box.  The words when put together will spell out something like, “We’re Going To Disney World.”  As each person opens their gift, they will see their word.  The family will have to put them in order to see the message!

    3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt  

    First, create your clue cards.  Each card will have a word on it that will spell out your final message.  This could be something like, “This spring, we’re going on a Disney Cruise!”  It can be as long or as short as you want the scavenger hunt to be.  Now you will hide each word card, and devise a list of clues that tells your children where to find them.  Place the first clue in a box and wrap it.   This clue will tell them where to look for the first word card.  Hide the next clue with that word card, and so on.  When they have found all of the word cards, they will solve the puzzle and learn the surprise!


    Ready to plan this amazing surprise Disney vacation for your family for Christmas?   Let’s get started!


    See ALL of the services offered!




    Information Overload: Why it’s ok to be overwhelmed with planning a Disney vacation

    Information Overload: Why it’s ok to be overwhelmed with planning a Disney vacation

    Information Overload: Why it’s ok to be overwhelmed with planning a Disney vacation

    how to plan a disney world vacation


    12,600,000.  That’s how many results you get when you search “how to plan a Disney World vacation” on Google.

    We live in an age of information at our finger tips.  Our trouble is no longer how to access information on any given topic.  We can, in fact, find information on just about anything in less than 3 seconds.  The trouble now, instead, is how to sift through too much information.  There are thousands of reviews on yelp.  Thousands of blog articles on any given topic.  A million opinions on any topic you’d like to research.

    And Disney vacations are no exceptions.  You can search google for how to plan and get those 12,600,000 results – a lot of them may disagree with each other.  You can read thousands of reviews for any given Disney resort, Disney restaurant or Disney activity.  You’ll have to piece together for yourself which reviewers have common sense, which of them are trolls, which of them just had a bad day, and which of them maybe have the same tastes as you.  You can join fan boards and read thousands upon thousands of posts that are broken down into tiniest detailed topics – full of people arguing over who is right or which rumor is definitely true.

    The internet is an amazing tool – full of endless information you could read for a lifetime.  But when everything in our lives is so full of information, at some point some if it all starts to feel like noise.  It starts to be a burden to have to start the process of research and sift through such enormous options of sources.

    So it’s ok to feel overwhelmed if you decided you want to take a Disney vacation, only to stare blankly at your computer screen when it comes time to figure out how it will all work.  It’s ok to get frustrated at all the different answers you’ll find.  And it’s completely understandable when you think it all should be easier than this.

    That’s essentially the entire point of a business like the one I own.  The service provided by an expert on Disney destinations, whose primary job it is to customize a trip to your specific wants and needs by extensively knowing the offerings to choose from and which best suit you, is one that eliminates this information overload.  It simplifies the process.  It erases the noise and brings everything down to one easy level: what the best options are for YOU.

    The endless stream of information is in no way unique to planning a Disney vacation – but it’s the one area that I know I can help make sense of for you.  Cut through the noise – have a specialist narrow it all down to what you need to hear, what choices you actually need to make, and what’s most important to you.  THEN planning a vacation can be fun and stress free – unlike the 12,600,000 options you can sift through on your own.


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    5 Things To Consider When Planning a Disneyland Vacation

    5 Things To Consider When Planning a Disneyland Vacation

    5 Things To Consider When Planning a Disneyland Vacation

    planning a Disneyland vacation

    If you’re thinking of planning a Disneyland vacation, here are 5 things to consider before you get started:

     1. Whether the goal is to go fast and furious or to relax and slow down.

    There are many ways to do Disneyland. Before you book your trip, you want to have a good understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.  Just checking it off your “must visit” list and want to pack it all in to one weekend?  Want to savor the experience, enjoy your resort, and feel less rushed?  Plan for 3 or 4 park days.  Looking for a full vacation experience with theme park time, pool time, dining experiences, shows, and maybe even visiting local beaches and other attractions?  Plan for a full week!

    2. The crowd levels

    Not all times of year are created equal. If you have no choice but to travel over Christmas or Spring Break, by all means do so, just be fully aware that the parks will be at peak crowds.  The best way to manage this is with very well strategized plans.  Flexible dates?  Avoid school breaks, long weekends, and even weekends in general for lower crowds.

    3. The weather

    While we can’t control the weather and there’s never a guarantee of perfection, some times of year are clearly better than others. If you hate when it’s really hot, avoid the summer months and most of September.  If it’s not vacation without hot days by the pool, in general, you’ll want to avoid December, January and February which have a lot more cool days.   January and February are also the rainy seasons for the area.  Generally, later March, April and May are very pleasant as are late September through mid-November.

    4. The nighttime shows.

    While mid-week can be much less crowded than weekends, in less traveled times of the year, these weeknights also don’t usually have Fantasmic! or fireworks running. If these two items are MUST dos for your family, you’ll want to plan for at least one weekend day during your trip.

    5. How to get a solid plan in place before arriving.

    The difference between long lines, long waits to get a seat at a restaurant (or finding no availability at all), getting to all the shows you want and accomplishing what you hope to accomplish without a lot of stress in the parks, and having a smooth, laid back, low line, easy going experience is to have the details figured out in advance. You’ll want your dining arranged, a good understanding of what the parks have to offer and preferably customized touring strategies to get the most out of your day.  (Want some help with that?  That’s what we do!)


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    Disney World After Disneyland: Why You Should Make the Leap

    Disney World After Disneyland: Why You Should Make the Leap

    Disney World After Disneyland: Why You Should Make the Leap

    Disney World or Disneyland better

    photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography

    West Coasters, It’s Time For Disney World

    West Coasters, I’m looking at you!  If you’ve traveled to Disneyland already, Disney World is worth turning your attention to next.  Yes, I know that Disneyland is closer.  Perhaps you even think to yourself, “Ok, so I know Disney World isn’t identical to Disneyland, but for how far it is…eh, close enough.”  I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!

    Let’s assume you enjoyed your Disneyland trip – otherwise, I doubt you’re reading this article.  Disneyland is charming, magical, full of fun rides and compact.  It’s an amazing theme park right smack in the middle of a city.  It makes a heck of a great long weekend for many families (and for some, a full week) or a starting point before visiting other California attractions.

    Why Walt Disney World?

    Walt Disney World is just that – an entire world!  So imagine if you took the rides and the magic of Disneyland, multiplied it by many, took it out of the city and created an entire city of its own, in essence.  Here among the many miles, you have a huge selection of extremely well themed resorts, four main theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios), 2 water parks, a sprawling Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and various other features and attractions like golf, mini golf, race car driving, boating, parasailing, horseback riding and more.

    Grand Floridian
    While Disneyland is often a family trip for many people, Disney World is truly a family vacation.  There is no outside world, no traffic snarls, no worries about parking spaces.  No reminders of office buildings or freeways or anything from your life at home.  You can leave behind driving and utilize the free transportation from the airport followed by the free bus, monorail and boat transportation from your resort all around Disney World.

    By its nature, particularly from the West Coast, Disney World is a longer vacation.  Most of my clients visit for a full week if not a little more.  This gives you more time to get into vacation mode and out the daily home routine.  With four separate theme parks vs Disneyland’s two, you’ll want at least five park days to get through them, plus a little time to visit a water park, Disney Springs or simply to relax and enjoy your amazing resort and pool.

    4 parks

    Disney World has a whole world of dining, too…well over 100 restaurants to choose from.  If you enjoyed your character meal at Disneyland or the excellent theme immersion at Blue Bayou, you will love all of the interesting themed and character dining available to you at Disney World.

    sanaa dessert

    In general, Disney World takes a little more advanced planning – however, my clients never have to worry about what to plan when and how because I take care of all of the details for them.   If you’re ready to move up from Disneyland to Disney World for a whole new vacation adventure, I can walk you through all of the best options for your family to make sure this next step in your family vacations is the most enjoyable yet!


    See ALL of the services offered!

    4 Reasons Why Your Teen is NOT too old for Disney World!

    4 Reasons Why Your Teen is NOT too old for Disney World!

    4 Reasons Why Your Teen is NOT too old for Disney World!

    Rockin Roller Coaster

    photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography via Flickr

    Maybe you took your kids to Disney World when they were younger, or maybe you never got the chance to but now they’re teens and you’re worried they’re too old. But guess what – they’re not! Here are 4 reasons why your teen is NOT too old for Disney World.

    1. The thrill rides will wow ‘em

    One thing families with young children don’t get to experience as much of are the thrill rides because of height requirements (and scared children). But teens are the perfect age group for these rides, including the super fast Rockin Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios, Test Track in Epcot, Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, and Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, to name a few. Ride them, then ride them again!

    2. The extras are awesome

    Beyond the rides, there are opportunities for some pretty cool activities for teens. Like how about surfing lessons at Typhoon Lagoon? Or a real race car experience on the track at the Richard Petty Driving Experience? Or maybe some parasailing or boat rentals? There are even special tours at the parks that have age limits where younger kids aren’t able to join – making the teen years the perfect time for your family to try these.

    3. They’re more independent

    Chasing down little kids is a well-known pastime for parents, but traveling with teens means you can get a little downtime, too, if you’d like. Does your teen want to ride Space Mountain for the 4th time? No worries, they can split off from you for a bit and meet back up for dinner a little later. Do you want to relax on your balcony with an ice coffee, but your teens want to play in the pool? Not a problem! It’s a bit of freedom that comes with the kids being a little older.

    4. Quality time with your teen

    As your kids get older, you may have been finding that you have less and less time together. Between school, homework, sports, activities, friends, and part time jobs, many teens are busy. And, of course, they probably don’t hang out by Mom or Dad’s side as much as when they were little. But a Disney World vacation brings everyone together again, even if just for a week, leaving behind the fast paced real world for laughing together on the roller coasters, enjoying great meals together and watching the amazing fireworks together. It’s a bit of bonding time that can be so hard to get otherwise. And maybe, in one of those moments, in the type of magic that only Disney can bring, you’ll catch a glimpse of that childlike joy inside your teen, catching a glimpse for just a moment of that adorable little child they were not so long ago.

    Want to get the most out of your trip with teens?  I specialize in planning personalized Disney vacations, taking the stress of your hands and matching all the right pieces that are just right for your family! 

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    What You Don’t Even Know That You Don’t Know About Planning a Disney World Trip

    What You Don’t Even Know That You Don’t Know About Planning a Disney World Trip

    What You Don’t Even Know That You Don’t Know About Planning a Disney World Trip

    Planning Disney World

    Photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography via Flickr

    That’s a mouthful.

    But it’s true. If you are just starting to think about planning a trip to Disney World, there are some things you know that you don’t know. Like, you might not know which resort is best for you. Or maybe you aren’t sure how Park Hopper tickets work.

    But then there are the things you don’t even know that you don’t know. These are the things you might not ever think to google, because you don’t even know the question to ask. And yet, these pieces are incredibly important to a fun, laid back, stress free vacation. Let’s take a look.

    1. You don’t know that dining reservations are a HUGE must. And not just that, but that dining reservations open 180 days before your arrival and many do book up completely quite early on. This is a sad issue for families who arrive at Disney World and wander into a restaurant only to hear that they aren’t accepting and walk ups that day. And then they try the next one – same thing. That’s not what you want for your family.

    2. You don’t know that Fast Pass+ reservations are extremely important and open 60 days before your stay if you stay on property. Having replaced the old system, these new Fast Passes allow you to reserve three rides per day ahead of time – and that’s a must if you don’t want crazy long lines.

    3. You don’t know that afternoons are craziest. Want to see some crazy long lines? Show up to the parks after lunch hour. Want to avoid the longest lines? Show up before the park opens and take a break during the afternoon. I promise it’s not only possible, but highly enjoyable. With a good plan in place, you can still get everything done AND go back to your resort to enjoy the pool or take a nap in the afternoon – while everyone else stands in the longest lines.

    4. You don’t know that WHEN you go is an important factor in what your vacation will be like. Some dates are so crazy that the parks close to capacity and people can be denied entrance. Some dates are much, much lower crowds. Some dates are intensely hot and incredibly humid. Some are warm and pleasant. And then there are the various special events throughout the year that can change the atmosphere and crowd levels as well. Not all times of the year are created equal for visiting Disney World, (not to mention the difference in pricing).

    5. You don’t know that it’s possible to have a strategy to avoid waiting in long lines at all. Most people assume that Disney World is synonymous with long lines, having heard that from friends or family. But what you might not know is that some people manage to avoid the majority of the lines and wait very little throughout their day. How? Through a very carefully and strategically built plan. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about spending weeks and weeks researching and figuring this out if you use a planning service that specializes in Disney like this one. I, for example, specialize in arranging all aspects of a Disney vacation including fully customized touring plans for each day so that you don’t wait in the long lines.

    It always seems that one of the most difficult part of planning a Disney World trip is that people aren’t even sure what they are supposed to know before they go.  Now you’re ahead of the crowd with these 5 tips!  If you find yourself really wanting to be ahead of the crowds and having a stress-free experience, with fully customized vacation plans and all arrangements handled for you, be sure to contact me for a free consultation.

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