Information Overload: Why it’s ok to be overwhelmed with planning a Disney vacation

how to plan a disney world vacation


12,600,000.  That’s how many results you get when you search “how to plan a Disney World vacation” on Google.

We live in an age of information at our finger tips.  Our trouble is no longer how to access information on any given topic.  We can, in fact, find information on just about anything in less than 3 seconds.  The trouble now, instead, is how to sift through too much information.  There are thousands of reviews on yelp.  Thousands of blog articles on any given topic.  A million opinions on any topic you’d like to research.

And Disney vacations are no exceptions.  You can search google for how to plan and get those 12,600,000 results – a lot of them may disagree with each other.  You can read thousands of reviews for any given Disney resort, Disney restaurant or Disney activity.  You’ll have to piece together for yourself which reviewers have common sense, which of them are trolls, which of them just had a bad day, and which of them maybe have the same tastes as you.  You can join fan boards and read thousands upon thousands of posts that are broken down into tiniest detailed topics – full of people arguing over who is right or which rumor is definitely true.

The internet is an amazing tool – full of endless information you could read for a lifetime.  But when everything in our lives is so full of information, at some point some if it all starts to feel like noise.  It starts to be a burden to have to start the process of research and sift through such enormous options of sources.

So it’s ok to feel overwhelmed if you decided you want to take a Disney vacation, only to stare blankly at your computer screen when it comes time to figure out how it will all work.  It’s ok to get frustrated at all the different answers you’ll find.  And it’s completely understandable when you think it all should be easier than this.

That’s essentially the entire point of a business like the one I own.  The service provided by an expert on Disney destinations, whose primary job it is to customize a trip to your specific wants and needs by extensively knowing the offerings to choose from and which best suit you, is one that eliminates this information overload.  It simplifies the process.  It erases the noise and brings everything down to one easy level: what the best options are for YOU.

The endless stream of information is in no way unique to planning a Disney vacation – but it’s the one area that I know I can help make sense of for you.  Cut through the noise – have a specialist narrow it all down to what you need to hear, what choices you actually need to make, and what’s most important to you.  THEN planning a vacation can be fun and stress free – unlike the 12,600,000 options you can sift through on your own.


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