Disney World After Disneyland: Why You Should Make the Leap

Disney World or Disneyland better

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West Coasters, It’s Time For Disney World

West Coasters, I’m looking at you!  If you’ve traveled to Disneyland already, Disney World is worth turning your attention to next.  Yes, I know that Disneyland is closer.  Perhaps you even think to yourself, “Ok, so I know Disney World isn’t identical to Disneyland, but for how far it is…eh, close enough.”  I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!

Let’s assume you enjoyed your Disneyland trip – otherwise, I doubt you’re reading this article.  Disneyland is charming, magical, full of fun rides and compact.  It’s an amazing theme park right smack in the middle of a city.  It makes a heck of a great long weekend for many families (and for some, a full week) or a starting point before visiting other California attractions.

Why Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is just that – an entire world!  So imagine if you took the rides and the magic of Disneyland, multiplied it by many, took it out of the city and created an entire city of its own, in essence.  Here among the many miles, you have a huge selection of extremely well themed resorts, four main theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios), 2 water parks, a sprawling Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and various other features and attractions like golf, mini golf, race car driving, boating, parasailing, horseback riding and more.

Grand Floridian
While Disneyland is often a family trip for many people, Disney World is truly a family vacation.  There is no outside world, no traffic snarls, no worries about parking spaces.  No reminders of office buildings or freeways or anything from your life at home.  You can leave behind driving and utilize the free transportation from the airport followed by the free bus, monorail and boat transportation from your resort all around Disney World.

By its nature, particularly from the West Coast, Disney World is a longer vacation.  Most of my clients visit for a full week if not a little more.  This gives you more time to get into vacation mode and out the daily home routine.  With four separate theme parks vs Disneyland’s two, you’ll want at least five park days to get through them, plus a little time to visit a water park, Disney Springs or simply to relax and enjoy your amazing resort and pool.

4 parks

Disney World has a whole world of dining, too…well over 100 restaurants to choose from.  If you enjoyed your character meal at Disneyland or the excellent theme immersion at Blue Bayou, you will love all of the interesting themed and character dining available to you at Disney World.

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In general, Disney World takes a little more advanced planning – however, my clients never have to worry about what to plan when and how because I take care of all of the details for them.   If you’re ready to move up from Disneyland to Disney World for a whole new vacation adventure, I can walk you through all of the best options for your family to make sure this next step in your family vacations is the most enjoyable yet!


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