5 Reasons Your Preschooler is NOT Too Young for Disney World

Preschoolers in Disney World

1. Mickey is real!

Young children are at that special age where the magic is real and they can truly believe. That really is Mickey Mouse, that castle really is where Cinderella lives, and yes she did just get hugged by Ariel. You get the kind of buy in from your child that dwindles quite quickly as they grow older.

2. Simple joys

You know that preschoolers find joy in all kinds of small things. The same is true in Disney World. Kids love the fountains, and running their little feet through spray areas is just as joyous as riding Small World. A ride on the monorail is just as good as any attraction in the park. Throw in boat rides, bus rides, music, ponds with ducks and birds and the whole day is one big day of exploration and wonder!

3. They can ride a majority of the rides

Sometimes people worry that there is almost nothing that their child would be tall enough for. The opposite is true! There are only a small percentage of rides that they may not be able to ride. If your child is over 38”, he or she can even ride some of the roller coasters and bigger rides! If not, there are so many of the rides that have no height restrictions at all that I promise your days will still be full!

4. They help you slow down and enjoy yourself.

If you’re imagining crazy, frenetic days of running yourself ragged in the theme parks from early morning to late at night, and it makes you feel anxious already, know that bringing the pace down and leaving time for breaks for a preschooler just makes good sense. And as a byproduct, YOU get to slow down and have some breaks! Worried that breaks mean you’ll miss out? When you have a Disney expert to plan your itinerary, you’ll avoid the long lines and get everything done while still having plenty of downtime!

5. You will never forget it!

If you ask me, the question of whether your 3 or 4 year old will remember the trip in great detail when they are older is missing an important part of the equation – YOU will remember that experience with your child forever. The wonder and joy in their eyes as they take in that magic that they still fully believe is a joy that will never leave you. That sight of your adorable little boy or girl, eyes glowing and face lit up as they see Mickey or Minnie for the first time is a memory that will never, ever leave you. And that is something that is truly priceless!

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Sabrina Tinius is the owner of The Enchanted Traveler and specializes in helping parents plan stress free Disney vacations so they can focus on making memories that last a lifetime.  Free consultations are available via the contact page of this website or by emailing [email protected].


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