5 Things You May Not Have Thought of Packing for Disney World

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Planning your Disney World vacation?  You may have thought of all the usual items to pack, but there are a few more unusual things to consider for this vacation.  Add these 5 things to your bag before you head to Disney World and be a few steps ahead of the rest!


1. Band-Aids

If you’ve never been to Disney World, you may not realize just how huge the parks are.  You will do miles of walking each day!  Combine that with shoes you may not be wearing right now at home or new shoes you bought for vacation, and it’s a recipe for blisters!  Bring a long a few bandaids for a quick fix so you can get on with your day.

2. Phone number bracelets or tattoos for your kids

Losing your kids is not very likely, but it’s always good to be prepared.  Cast members at Disney are trained to watch out for lost children and bring to the lost child center to wait for you.  That said, it’s much faster for the cast members to locate you if your child has a phone number on them.  Older children may not need this, but this is especially important for preschoolers and early elementary kids.  You can make the bracelets yourself at a craft store or order some online and several sites sell personalized temporary tattoos.  Be sure not to use the child’s name on either, as you don’t want any strangers using that info.

3. Gum

Sound strange?  Gum is everywhere, right?  Not in Disney World!  You won’t find gum to purchase anywhere on property, so if you are a gum addict, make sure you bring enough with you!

4. Rain ponchos

Do yourself a favor and bring a disposable poncho for each member of your family.  You’ll be so glad you did!  There are two reasons this comes in handy: 1) Florida is famous for it’s random downpours.  If you get caught in a sudden rainstorm, you are miles ahead of the crowds rushing for cover and trying to buy expensive ponchos in the shops.  2) Use it for Kali River Rapids.  I promise you’ll be glad you did!  If you’re following my vacation itinerary advice, you’ll probably be riding this in the earlier morning before it’s all that hot outside, which means it won’t be all that hot out yet.  And yes, this rides gets you completely soaked otherwise.  Getting splashed may sound fun – getting full out drenched in your street clothes and then having to walk all over the park?  Not as fun.  Slip the poncho on right before you ride, and walk off with just a few sprinkles and splashes on you.

5. Filtered Water bottle

You will, of course, be thirsty with all that walking and heat.  You can, of course, buy bottled water in the parks for a pretty penny.  You can also drink free water from water fountains and get free ice water in cups at the restaurants.  So what’s this about a filtered water bottle?  Well, many people don’t like the taste of the Florida tap water.  If you aren’t from that area, it kinda tastes like sulfur and chlorine mixed together, in my opinion.  Thus, having a filter inside your water bottle gets rid of some of that taste making the free water that much more pleasant.  You can find them in stores or online at Amazon.

Bonus tip:  Not sure you want to buy a new water bottle for each member of your family just for this trip?  You can also have bottled water shipped directly to your hotel before you arrive!  Costco has very reasonable prices for this (far cheaper than buying water in the park).  Simply ship it directly to your resort, using this info:
Name + Reservation number

c/o Name of Disney Resort

Resort Address

Date of arrival (You can also write HOLD for guest if you’d like)


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