Can Disney World be Done in One Day?

Disney World in One Day

If you’re coming to Orlando for a conference or for other attractions, you might be wondering if Disney world can be done in a day. Can you add on just one day to see Disney World?

The reality is that it’s not possible to complete Disney World in one day. There are four separate theme parks with many attractions in each one. In order to best experience Disney World, it’s best to have at least 5 park days to work with.

That said, if you need a much shorter visit, it’s simply about picking and choosing what’s most important to you.

Here are several ways to do at least part of Disney World in just one day:

  • Hire a VIP Guide. Private VIP guides are pricey, but to get the most out of your time in multiple parks, there’s nothing quite like the special access they can provide. With a private guide, it’s up to you how many of the parks you attempt to visit in your one day. At each park, the guide can get you to the front of the line quickly, allowing you to get in a handful of attractions before moving on with a private ride to the next park
  • Book the Ultimate Thrills tour. While not quite the same as a VIP since it has a built in schedule, this tour will still get you to the biggest thrill rides in each park in just one day.
  • Choose just one park to experience this time. Focus your limited time on the park you think you’d most like to experience. Have a good plan going in to know how you will accomplish all the attractions that you want to accomplish.

Of course, if you find enough flexibility that you can find at least one more day in your schedule, you’ll find your Disney World experience to me much more enjoyable. Consider adding Disney World onto your schedule as a mini vacation, with at least 3 park days, to get a real taste of what this magical place offers. With three park days, you’ll still want an excellent plan to save you time in the parks.

So whether or not you can do Disney World in one day is less about whether it’s possible and more about whether that’s really the experience you want to have!


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