Can’t Decide Between Disney World and a Disney Cruise?  Do both!

Disney World and Disney Cruise

Photo Credits: Left photo by Jason Pratt. Right photo by Christian Lambert Photography.

If you’re weighing your options and trying to compare Disney World to a Disney Cruise for your next vacation, you may be having a hard time.  They’re both so great and yet so different!  On the one hand you have the glorious whirlwind of activity that is Walt Disney World, full of rides, attractions, shows, and stunning resorts.  And on the other hand, you have the tropical relaxation of a Disney Cruise, with breathtaking views, delicious dining, kids clubs that give adults some time alone and exotic ports of call.  So what’s a family to choose?

Why not both?!

If you haven’t yet noticed, Port Canaveral is about 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.  This is also the airport you fly into for Disney World.  This makes it incredibly easy to combine both trips.

Picture this:  You arrive in Orlando and head to your perfect resort at Walt Disney World.  You spend 5 glorious days in the theme parks, (stress free, of course, with the help of The Enchanted Traveler).  Then, you grab your bags and head to Port Canveral to board a 3 night Bahamas Cruise.  You relax, unwind after the parks, you bask in the sunshine on deck, taking a few thrilling rides on the Aqua Duck, explore Nassau (perhaps swimming with dolphins or experiencing the amazing water park at Atlantis.  And then, when your vacation is over, you return home having had the perfect combination of thrills and relaxation.

It’s a great way to combine two must do trips, Disney World and a Disney Cruise, with just one set of airline tickets, making this combo a great value.  Plus, this combination really allows for all the best of both worlds – fast paced fun, characters, swimming, beaches – all without feeling like you’ll come home exhausted.


Sound good?  Let’s start planning your adventure!  Cruises run year round out of Port Canveral, so this is easy to do any time of year!


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