How to Turn Planning Disney Vacations Into a Job

Become a Disney Vacation Planner

We get asked this a lot. “How did you manage to turn planning vacations into a career?!”

Short answer: We became travel agents.

Yes, travel agents are alive and well! And within the specialty of Disney destinations, the need is ever growing.

If you’ve found yourself the go to expert for all things Disney vacation related among your friends, you may have wondered if you can turn your knowledge into profit. Is there a Disney vacation planner type job? The answer is a resounding yes!

How to Work as a Disney Vacation Planner

The first key is to find an agency that specializes in Disney vacations. Each agency has a bit different model, brand, vibe, and way of doing business. It’s important to take a good look at the agency to see if it’s a good fit for you. Consider the way the agency presents itself to the public, and see if it aligns with the way you want to be represented as well.

The next step is to see if the agency is currently seeking new Independent Contractors. Most agencies have an application page like this one. Bonus points if the agency is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner!

The vast majority of Disney specialized travel agencies work on an independent contractor model. This means that you have a ton of flexibility in your work, in terms of when and where you work, who you work with, your marketing, etc. It also means that you need to have a go getter type of personality because it will be up to you to bring in your own clientele.

So what skills do you need in order to succeed in this Disney vacation planning world?

  • A lot of experience with Disney vacations. You’ll need to know the parks inside and out as well as having a good feel for the resort options
  • Experience with sales or a high comfort level with the idea of actively selling. (Tip: You are selling both your services AND vacations in this career – that means selling twice!)
  • Comfort with both phone and email communication
  • Self-motivation: As an independent contractor, you and only you will be responsible for setting your hours, completing client tasks, and making sales. Your success depends enormously on your level of dedication.
  • Remote learning skills – most training and education available to you will be virtual.

At the end of the day, a career as a travel agent that specializes in Disney destinations is a combination of sales work and detailed planning work. If you excel in these two areas, this just might be the career for you!

Want to learn more about our agency and see if you’d be a good fit? Visit our information page here!


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