5 Reasons a Disney Cruise is Perfect for a Multi-Family Trip or Reunion

So you want to travel with your kids, your parents, your siblings and their kids. That’s a lot of people to keep happy! What’s an easy way to be able to spend time together but still indulge different interest? A Disney Cruise! Here are five reasons why this just might be the perfect choice for your multi-generational family vacation:

1. Unpack once but visit multiple destinations

Perhaps your sister has always wanted to see several Caribbean islands, but your mom is happy to just be on a beach and by the pool. You can get the best of both worlds when you are on a cruise. One stateroom, multiple destinations (usually each with a beach for Mom, too).

2. Adult time vs Kid time

Got kids? The youngest tots can play in the nursery, while the 3 – 12 year olds have a blast in the Oceaneer’s Club or Oceaneer’s Lab. Got pre-teens or teens? They each have their own clubs in Edge and Vibe. And for the adults? Have a romantic date night at Palo. Reserve an adult group brunch. Half of you can venture to the spa, the other half can go hang out at the bars for a bit. Or unwind at the adult’s only pool with a drink!

3. Quality family time

Just as there are many options for time apart from each other, there are lots of opportunities to come back together. Meet up for breakfast and plan for some time in the family pool. Go play Bingo together or hit up a family game show. See the Broadway character shows together or see the first run Disney movie in the on board theater.  The all ages options just go on and on – you’ll never be lacking for family activities!

4. Food for every palate

Elaborate seafood dishes? Check. Steak every night? You can do that. Mac and cheese for the little ones? Of course. Would you like a gourmet sit-down breakfast? They’ve got that. Is your family a big fan of buffets? Huge breakfast buffet, coming right up! Or wait, maybe you’d rather sleep in a little and have room service… yup, that’s included, too.

5. Every comfort level is matched

If Grandma and Grandpa prefer to get up early, enjoy their coffee on their stateroom verandah overlooking the wide open sea, they can. And if your sister wants to get her run in before breakfast? The jogging track is waiting for her. If your teenage nephew thinks characters are lame, he can go hang with other teens in the teen approved Vibe lounge, with video games, a smoothie bar, etc. If your brother and his kids want to camp by the pool all day, they’re more than welcome. And if your kids want to meet princesses and characters every single day, they can do that, too.

If you think a Disney Cruise sounds right for you multi-family vacation, planning early is key. The best pricing for Disney Cruises usually happens very early on, right when rates are released. As dates get closer, prices tend to continue rising. And, of course, sailings do sell out. You can book neighboring rooms, as well as connecting rooms, as long as they are available – another reason to book early.

There’s a little extra planning involved when you are dealing with more than one family, but if you’d like to save time and avoid the headaches, I recommend working with a travel consultant (that’s us!) that specializes in Disney Cruise Line.

Why? We’ll make sure everyone has all aspects of their travel plans covered – from where to stay before the cruise to finding your best transportation options, making sure everyone can make payments on their own schedule, handling the check in process for each family, selecting the best staterooms for each family, matching up the reserved dining times, arranging for group or individual shore excursions and reserving all of your preferred on board activities!  Plus, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Disney Cruise vacation.

Getting away with extended family can bring treasured memories that last a lifetime, and a Disney Cruise just may be calling your name! From Alaska to the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and more, there’s a perfect cruise just waiting for you and your family.  And we’re ready to help you find it and plan it!

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