Alaska Adventure with the Disney Cruise Line: Day 2 – At Sea


Starting Day Two of our Disney Cruise Line Alaska Journey

We woke up this morning and rather than getting all dressed and ready for our day before heading up to a buffet breakfast, we opted to order room service.  Room service is included in the cruise price, although gratuities for room service are not.  We ordered some cereal and milk, breakfast pastries, a bagel and cream cheese (for me!) hot cocoa and coffee.  It came quickly, which was great!  You can also order your room service in advance to be delivered at a specific time by hanging the room service card on your door the night before.


After that, we lounged in the room a bit, looking out at the vast sea and getting used to the motion of the open waters.  Soon, though, we decided it was time to do a bit of exploring.  First up, we had to check out the view from Deck 9:

Sunny, but a little cold!

Sunny, but a little cold!

Adult Club Area

Then we headed to the adults only club area, which is open to all ages earlier in the day.  We had fun checking out those spaces, especially the theming of Route 66.








Inside Wave Bands


Cadillac Lounge

And, of course, I had to get some pictures of the gorgeous atrium area.

IMG_1378 IMG_1387 IMG_1388


Then the kids couldn’t stand to wait any longer, so I checked them into the kids club.  I came back to the room and spent some time enjoying the view and writing for this blog.  When it was time for lunch, I picked the kids up and we headed for the buffet.  It turns out that the lunch buffet doesn’t have much on the menu that my kids can appreciate.  I was slightly surprised to see that they don’t have any real kids offerings, unlike the other restaurants.  So we took a few things and found a spot outside to eat.

Then I sent Aspen off to Pluto’s Dog  House to grab some chicken strips and fries to bring back to our table.  At age 8, the kids can have check in and check out privileges on the ship.  This means, basically, that if you want them to be allowed to do this, they can wander the ship as they please.  While I opted not to allow that at the beginning of  this trip, I did  feel comfortable with allowing him to leave my sight to go fetch something.

Traveling without my husband, I also sometimes left the two kids sitting a table so I could go grab something for myself.  In other places, this would make me pretty nervous, but this cruise made it much easier to do so when I needed to.

Post Lunch

After lunch, the kids were eager to get right back to the kid’s clubs.  I checked them in, then headed back to the room for a nap.  What??  It’s vacation and the boat rocks you to sleep!  Also, I should note, the beds are sooooo comfortable – and I am super picky about beds on vacation!

Waking up refreshed, I knew that there was a Ratatoullie’s Cooking School activity happening in the Oceaneer’s Lab, so I checked in with Aspen to see if he wanted to move to the lab to do that.  Lo and behold, he’d already asked to be transferred there by the child care staff, so there he was, waiting to bake cookies.  Easy!  Sierra, however, was ready to go, and wanted a snack.  So she and I headed up to Pluto’s Dog House and grabbed some chicken strips and a drink and took it back to our room.  We watched Toy Story and snacked and watched the ocean and islands roll by.


Passing through an inlet

Love the tiny islands!

Love the tiny islands!

The Evening

Around 5pm, I got both kids and got them dolled up for formal night.  We then headed to Deck 4, midship, where I knew formal Mickey and Minnie were doing photos.  We got our photos and by then the Golden Mickey’s had already started, and neither child seemed particularly interested in seeing it, so we skipped the show.  Note to self: Do not skip shows on the next cruise – everyone raved about how great they were!  In any case, there was no shortage of characters out and about!




Red carpet for the Golden Mickey's, leading up to the Walt Disney Theater.

Red carpet for the Golden Mickey’s, leading up to the Walt Disney Theater.


The late dining seating proved a little hard for us.  The kids were very very antsy today for dinner to start.  It seemed like forever until it was dinner time!  I’d probably choose the earlier dining time next time.  However, there is a great program that you can sign your kids up for, if you want some couple time:  If you choose late dining, you can sign up to have the Youth Counselors come to get your kids 45 minutes after the meal starts.  This way, they go have fun while you finish your courses in peace!

Dinner Time!

We ate at Triton’s tonight, which had the Golden Mickey’s menu.  I chose the Crispy Ravioli for my appetizer (so good!) and the duck for my main course.  I keep forgetting that I like my duck the way my mom makes it, and not so much in a lot of restaurant ways.  It was, I’m sure, a great dish for most, though.  For dessert I ordered the Crepe Suzette – very tasty.  Both kids, of course, had to have Mickey Bars again for dessert.  I wonder if they’ll ever get tired of them!

Mural in Triton's

Crispy Ravioli

It appears I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I started eating....oops!

It appears I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I started eating….oops!

My dessert. Yum!

My dessert. Yum!


Kids fish nuggets

Kids fish nuggets

And, of course, the Mickey Bar

And, of course, the Mickey Bar


We rushed through dinner a little because the kids really wanted to go to Pluto’s Pajama Party tonight.  As soon as we finished, I took them back to the room and changed them into pajamas.

Ready for a pajama party with Pluto!

Then I dropped them at the kids club at 9:30pm.  Do you see how light it is?  Yes, this is the light level at 9:15pm.  The further north we went, the longer it was light – to the point that at one time, the sun was up til 11pm and rose at 3:45am!!

I let them stay an hour and then picked them back up.  One cool thing: when you go to get your kids, the staff at the desk tells you exactly where to find them.  “Sierra is on the left side of the play area.  Aspen is in the Captain’s nook.”  I was like…what?…how do you know that?  Turns out that the bracelets each kids wears tells the computer their location at all times.  So clever!  Anyway, the kids were reluctant to leave, and I could tell they had a blast.  Sierra kept excitedly telling me that Pluto had an accident on the floor.  I thought she was making this up, but she INSISTS Pluto pooped pretend poop on the floor because he couldn’t find the potty.  I am sure this was the highlight of many a kid’s night, haha!

All in all, another good day.  Tomorrow we finally arrive in Tracy Arm – can’t wait to see the scenery!



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