Alaska Adventure with the Disney Cruise Line: Day 3 – Tracy Arm


Day 3 Morning

This morning started off with a trip to Beach Blanket Buffet for breakfast.  Breakfast buffets are always a big hit with my kids.  It was a typical Disney breakfast buffet: fruits, eggs, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, french toast, pastries and donuts, cereals and yogurt, etc.  We chose outside seating (we had wisely worn our jackets for breakfast) and enjoyed the view, as we were once again close to land.

After breakfast, the kids once again dashed off to the kids club.  I told them I’d pick them up for lunch and then we’d spend some time enjoying the view as we approached Tracy Arm.  I mostly enjoyed the view of the jagged hills and mountains and started noticing the occasional small chunk of ice floating by.  I decided to check out the Cove Cafe.  It’s a cute little coffee shop in the adults only area, and since my kids were occupied, I grabbed a book and headed up to find a treat.  The space is lovely with comfortable seating and free treats all day.  The coffee is NOT free here, but all those little goodies are.  Yum!!






Lunch Time!

At noon, I grabbed them for lunch and we headed for Deck 9 to grab various fast food items.  Look who we ran into on the way!!  This was my daughter’s favorite character meet by far this trip – she even bought the stuffed toy version of this Minnie!


There are three fast food choices on deck: Pluto’s Dog House (burgers, chicken strips, etc), Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, and  Goofy’s Galley.  I love that Goofy’s Galley offers quick food that is not just “junk” for when you want something a bit healthier!  I snapped a few photos of the offerings here.  We sometimes would stop by here just for some fruit!





As we sat down to eat, we (and everyone else on deck) suddenly spotted a huge chunk of ice floating by the ship!  There was a collective gasp as everyone marveled over the size.


We quickly finished up lunch, then went back to the room and sat out on our balcony to watch the ice float by.  At one point, my daughter excitedly pointed downward and exclaimed, “Mommy LOOK!  Seals!”  Sure enough we saw a pair of seals swimming near the boat.  After that, we started seeing more seals on the ice bergs.  We especially loved seeing a mom and baby together.


That’s a seal!



As we got closer to the glacier, there was more and more ice!

The Sawyer Glacier

My son wanted to go to the “Base Camp” offered for kids on Deck 10 today.  They had sports activities going on for the kids to check into, and they could also see the approaching Sawyer Glacier from there.  My daughter and I took a spot up on that deck to watch as we began to approach.  The floating ice became denser, all around us, with many seals out on top of the ice.  The Sawyer Glacier came into full view and was truly a sight to behold.  Huge, and blue and icy!  Once we’d gone as far as we could safely go, the ship stopped.  It then slowly turned around the rest of the room.

At one point, it had turned so that our stateroom verandah had a direct, clear view of the glacier.  So cool!  Eventually, it finished making it’s turn and we headed back down Tracy Arm.  There were some gorgeous waterfalls along the way, but we didn’t end up seeing any whales – something I know many people were hoping for.




Another giant iceberg.

The kids then both wanted to go back to the kids clubs, where they then stayed until it was dinner time.  Me?  I got a chance to read more of my book.  So nice to have uninterrupted reading time!

Friendship Tea

This afternoon was the Friendship Tea that I got free tickets to on the first day.  It was short and sweet, with apple juice and cookies, 2 princesses and some dancing. My daughter enjoyed it – my son, meh, he liked the cookie and that’s about it, haha!




Dinner Time

We had gone back an hour in this time zone, so the late seating seemed even later today.  My son was tired and not feeling well, so I ended up letting him go back to the room on his own to wait for us, so that my daughter could still enjoy the meal.  We were at Triton’s again tonight, but with a different menu.  I had a Duck Confit appetizer, Leek and Potato Soup, and Crispy Duck, followed by a Grand Marnier Souffle for dessert.  Sierra chose Mac and Cheese again, but decided to have a dessert off of the adult menu: Strawberry Shortcake Sundae.  She was very pleased with her choice.







We were all so tired when we got back to the room that we just crashed and were out for the night!  I knew that when we woke up we’d be at our first port, something we were very excited about.


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