Disney Character Signature and Autograph Ideas

Looking for character autograph ideas for your next Disney vacation?  If you’re looking for something beyond the typical autograph book that you can purchase from Disney stores or in the parks, this blog post is for you.

Collecting autographs as you go through the Disney parks can be a lot of fun.  Having something to sign that can be turned into an inexpensive souvenir makes it even better!  One way to do this is to create your own autograph book, with custom pages and a cover tailored to your children.  There are many autograph page designs out there if you search Google.  For example, a large collection can be found here: https://disneyautographpages.shutterfly.com/pictures.

Getting Started

To use these, open a program like Publisher, choose a 4×6 page size, and insert the images you have saved.  You can create a cover page with clipart or other pages you find around the web, or if you are talented with graphics, you could design your own.  Add the child’s name and the date of the trip as a reminder of the trip for the future.  Next, print out your pages on card stock.  Then, head to a printing place, like Fed Ex or Staples, and cut the pages to size with their paper cutter.  Ask to have the pages spiral bound, and for the first and last pages to be laminated.  Tada!  Your very own custom autograph book for your Disney trip!  Here’s an example of one that I made for my kids a few years ago:

 Disney Autograph Book

Disney Autograph book

Disney character autograph book

DIY Option

If that sounds like too much work for you, I’ve got another, easier, DIY option.  Head to your local craft store and pick up a photo mat.  You’ll want one that has a fairly wide border, and you’ll want to consider the size of it since you’ll be carrying it around the parks.  If you want something that you can easily slide inside a backpack, an 8×10 photo mat, with a place for a 4×6 photo insert, works great.  It’s big enough to fit a decent amount of character signatures while still fitting easily into a backpack or shoulder bag.  However, if you want a LOT of character autographs, say in Disney World where it’s so much easier to find a wide variety compared to Disneyland, you may want to consider taking something bigger.  Now, while shopping, be sure to grab a good assortment of colors of sharpie pens.   You’ll have the characters sign the photo mat as you go, and when you return home, you can select your favorite picture to insert the middle.  This makes an adorable keepsake for your child’s room!  I brought one for each child to Disneyland on our last trip, allowing for them to each pick their favorite photo when they got home. 

 Disney character autograph frame

I’m always happy to help my clients map out their favorite characters in the parks, as well.  So if character meet and greets are important to you, plan to have a fun way to collect their autographs and I’ll help you put a good plan together!

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