Disneyland Sidetrips – Disneyland to Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

One of the great things about a Disneyland trip is that there is often time for a few side trips.  Huntington Beach is a great day trip, or even a good place to stay a few extra days after Disneyland.

How Far is Huntington from Disneyland

Getting there takes roughly 30 minutes depending on traffic.  If you’re staying at Disneyland without a car (not a bad idea in general since it’s so easy to stay close to the parks), you can easily pick up a rental car in Downtown Disney for the day.

Arriving at Huntington Beach from Disneyland

When you arrive at Huntington Beach, you’ll see an impressively wide stretch of sand bordering a true Cali surf town.  Here, you can try your hand at surfing or just watch the surfers do their thing.  Kids are sure to love playing in the vast amount of sand here.  You can easily pick up sand toys at the nearby Walgreens if you don’t feel like packing any with you.

Huntington Beach

Then, head over to Ruby’s on the dock for some classic burgers and milkshakes with an amazing view.  The restaurant is at the very end of a long dock, with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean.  Their milkshake menu is pretty amazing, and reason enough to stop here.

Ruby's on the dock, Huntington Beach

Ruby's on the dock, Huntington Beach

What To Do After Lunch

After lunch, you can explore a cute downtown area, full of small surf shops, restaurants and the like.  Or, head back to the beach for more fun in the sun.  You can rent beach equipment, ranging from surf boards to beach umbrellas to bikes, at Zack’s Surf shop.

Then, when you’ve had your fill of beach fun and sun, you can head back to your Disneyland hotel and enjoy a dinner in Downtown Disney.

Or, for a longer stay, you might consider the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach.  If you’d rather end your Disneyland trip with a few days relaxing in a beach down, this lovely resort is perfect for families.  Just across the street from the beach, with a pedestrian bridge over the highway for easy access, and with gorgeous landscaping and tropical pool area, this resort will give you a luxurious, pampered end to your Disneyland vacation.

Hyatt Huntington Beach duck by John-Morgan

photo by John-Morgan via Flickr

Hyatt Huntington Beach room by Sylvain Leprovost

phot by Sylvain Leprovost via Flickr

Hyatt Huntington Beach Pool by Angry Julie

photo by Angry Julie via Flickr

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